Zombie Bit Me & Notifuro ECT 2014 Promotion Giveaway May 10 2014

This weekend, Notifuro's cosplay friend Shantel Kngiht (ZombieBitMe) will be doing a very special East Coast Throwdown contest. To enter, please tweet photos of anyone wearing Notifuro gear to Shantel and/or Notifuro. To make the contest fair, if you are not at ECT 2014 this year, you can still entire by taking photos of people wearing the gear else where. As long as the photos are submitted and tweeted by Saturday until Monday morning.

Take a photo of yourself, or anyone with Notifuro clothing at the event to win free Notifuro gear! 

Don't forget to use pro hashtags.Twitter accounts below:

@ZombieBitMe (http://twitter.com/ZombieBitMe)
@Notifuro (http://www.twitter.com/Notifuro) to win!

Example Prizes Below
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