Amanda LaPalme Teams with Notifuro April 04 2014

Amanda LaPalme who use to go by the name 'Dragon Duelist Girl' has been a long time competitive YuGiOh trading card game player. Ever since the age of 16, she has traveled to several YuGiOh championship events and on a few occasions placing in the top 10. What attracted Notifuro to Amanda was her natural ability to free hand draw and paint. Amanda has been creating custom play-mats and cards for about two years now. One of our favorites is the one of Freeza from DragonBall Z. Amanda's heart and dedication has made the wings on her back grow, allowing her to soar real high and gain popularity. In 2013 she started to live stream various games on Twitch TV, most noticeably League of Legends. Amanda then custom designed a cosplay outfit of Jinx from League of Legends, where she appeared at Youmacon. A video of her voice acting as Jinx can be seen below.


Below is an interview conducted between Amanda and 4gamer:

Q: What was your first opinion about Notifuro when they reached out to you? As you most likely are contacted by hundreds of people everyday to do things.

A: Well, as you deduced. I honestly wasn't sure what to think since everything looked fairly new; I've been previously contacted by a number of people launching similar projects and they all were flops or never followed through. After a few months of observing Corey's dedication to Notifuro, my cynicism evaporated. 

Q: How will you be contributing to Notifuro?

A: In whatever way I can be helpful. I'm an artist and cosplay enthusiast, and we already have a few ideas in the works. By the end of this year, I hope to have contributed some shirt designs and travel to events with Notifuro and cosplay at their booth!

Q: Are you excited to see your artwork come to life on articles of clothing?

A: Of course! I think that's something most artists unanimously wish to see for their work- others enjoying it, even enough to wear it! I think that's a great honor and hope my designs will be good enough.

Q: Can you give your fans some hints to what your first design might be?

A: It's themed towards the game community I'm actively involved in. :)

Q: Lastly, will we see any Pokémon ball bra's in the future?

A: Hah. Sure, if Notifuro makes a Women's department.


The Notifuro team supports Amanda 110% in anything she does.
We are really excited to have her on board and can not wait to see her artwork being printed onto our clothing. Amanda will be joining us at certain conventions so stay tuned for more information if you wish to meet her in person. If you can not wait to see her, be sure to check out her Facebook fan page where she posts her artwork and cosplay photos regularly.