Notifuro & Evolution 2014 July 12 2014

This weekend is Evolution 2014, the Super Bowl of fighting games, and our very own LI Joe, and TC/LDA Romance will be crashing Las Vegas to make their mark. Everyone lets send all of our energy, so they can spirit bomb the competition on their way to victory. The list of players attending this year is record breaking, so it won't be easy, but we have faith! 


Joe will be competing in Ultra Street Fighter 4, and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, while Romance will be playing King of Fighters 13, while also trying his hand at USF4.

A little bird also told me that our favorite COD streamer Mrs Violence will be attending, so you can expect some great #Evo2014 coverage from her on her channel.

This event is mainly being streamed live by our friends at Team Spooky, and I Play Winner, for more information on the event check out The Full Evolution Schedule

New Boss Logic Design & King of New York Specials June 14 2014

Boss Logic has graced us with a new design for summer 2014. On top of that we are issuing a special limited edition 50 print run of our 'King of NYC' design in a gold metallic print. Then Shinto, our loveable and oddball tanuki decided to visit India and when he returned he looked a bit different...

New for June 2014:

We would also like to announce a special 20% weekend special for both the King of New York event & Fathers Day. Our discount code is BLOWNUP - be careful upon entering as we have had a few complaints about being hadoukened when doing so.