Notifuro Shodo Signature Shirt (LI Joe Series) - Pink (Unisex)


If you see LI Joe at events, you might notice he usually wears pink. Being friends with Joe, he respectfully does this out of support for breast cancer awareness. Notifuro has decided to name their signature pink tee on behalf of the tiger uppercuting gamer LI Joe.

The signature baseball script tee. Every brand has one, while Notifuro has fully customized this design and calling is 'shodo'. Shodo is a style of calligraphy in Japan that is so popular it meant something to the makers of Notifuro. This is a brand styled shirt that has more than just a logo on it.
If you are a gamer or just love Japanese culture (an otaku), Notifuro is the brand for you. Their clothing is made from high quality material and the designs are so smooth you would swear the print is the shirt itself.

Shodo (書道), the art of Japanese calligraphy. Notifuro brings together both American script style art and shodo ink. Whether you love graffiti or kanji letters with that paint brush feel, more than one lifestyle is destined to connect with each other.

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