About Notifuro


Notifuro was founded in 2011 Osaka, Japan by Corey (aka RuggedSource via YouTube). While studying in Japan, Corey was so amazed on how the Japanese embrace their culture no matter what age you are. Watching 50 year old business men at a local Round 1 arcade playing air hockey or Pokemon inspired Corey to start another clothing brand. This time a clothing brand which was dedicated to the geek/otaku/gaming culture. A brand which rivaled such brands as Element or Billabong as they are to skateboarders & surfers. Gaming is becoming more recognized due to global and national tournaments where there is a high level of competition. Gaming has a huge influence from Japanese culture which is another reason why Notifuro portrays such elements as that of the samurai. When gamers compete against one another, they truly act as modern day warriors, whether it is at a League of Legends tournament or YuGiOh TCG championship.

After Corey designed the logo and Shinto character for Notifuro, he spoke with his friend Jon back in America. Jon has created artwork illustrations for books and designed logo's for many hardcore bands. Corey asked Jon to help create artwork for the clothing brand and has been designing ever since.

Mid 2012 Corey reached out to his gaming friend Carlos. At the time Carlos was working for MLG and traveling around the United States as the MLG fighting game community manager. Carlos and Corey spoke briefly about Notifuro and what the brand represented. When Carlos returned to New York he saw a few designs created by Jon and instantly fell in love and hoped on board.

At the end of 2012, beginning of 2013 - actor Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa spoke with Corey and Carlos via Skype and was so thrilled to hear about how the clothing brands roots were fashioned to being loyal and wanting to 'honor' gamers verse contracting sponsorships where gamers are told what to wear and do. Tagawa being a very well respected actor and healer, felt Notifuro will lead to helping others when needed.

Summer of 2013, Carlos introduced Boss Logic to Corey. Corey was excited to see an artist from Australia (just south of Japan) being involved. Notifuro has since implemented limited edition Boss Logic apparel. Notifuro even participated in the 2013 Shadaloo Showdown event releasing a rare Boss Logic/Shadaloo helmet design. Boss Logic works close with many famous Cosplayer's such as Jessica Nigri where he digitally edits their photos like no other. You can view his facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/BossLogicInc

LI Joe & Corey grew up in the same town and played handball with each other. Neither one knew about each others gaming lives until Joe contacted Corey in 2011 about going to Japan. Corey met with Joe in Osaka and talked about the idea and concept behind the brand. Joe thought the idea was great and asked Corey to follow up with him when ready. After the Shadaloo Showdown event in 2013, Corey met with Joe again knowing he was a free agent to see if Joe would want to be part of the brand. Joe has some good ideas and we then created the 'LI Joe series' where the clothing is officially approved by Joe himself.

For the last several months, Corey has been speaking with Amanda LaPalme to encourage her involvement with the brand. Amanda is a very busy person but she enjoys the fact of what the brand represents. Amanda is well known for her active appearance in the YuGiOh gaming community along with cosplaying and streaming League of Legends via Twitch. Amanda has great talent for free hand drawing and painting, she will be designing custom Notifuro clothing and also something special which we will be announcing soon. Amanda will be joining us at the next convention where we will be having a booth. Be sure to join our mailing list and also bookmark her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/amandalepanda