Notifuro Stream Team

Many brands or outlets have program called a 'street team'. Where people promote certain companies on the street via flyers or word of mouth. Notifuro has decided to take it from the streets and move it to the streams.


Notifuro loves to engage with other gamers and otaku's. At the moment we feel anyone who LIVE streams is not benefiting from their hard work and effort. We understand some streamers have sponsorships where they will be presented with computer parts and miscellaneous items. However, it appears there is a lack of hard cash being awarded to these individuals. Being gamers ourselves we understand the need for money and paying internet bills, monthly payments towards gaming subscriptions, etc. Notifuro is extended their reach towards helping players being able to afford their casual lifestyle.

Benefits of being part of the Notifuro Stream Team:

1) You will earn real money by promoting our brand. If you do not like the products we offer, please do not sign up to be part of our team. We only wish for people who would be proud to promote for us and what we represent.

2) NO CONTRACTS - Notifuro does not and will never tell you what to wear or what to say. We feel a person should be able to speak their opinion and dress how they want.

3) If needed we will also help brand your streaming channel by creating logos, overlays and images for any of your social media outlets.

4) We will link you with our current streamers so that you can gain more popularity within the Twitch community.

5) FREE CLOTHING - The longer you participate with our stream team, we will send you free clothing of your choice.

To participate with us, please use the contact us page and include the following:

  • Stream URL
  • How often do you stream on a weekly basis & for how long
  • Skype ID
  • Facebook, Twitter or any social media URL's for your stream


Our current streaming team and ranks:

  Mrs. Violence Kelley:
  GG Anji:


Anbu Force:
  LI Joe:
  Amanda LaPalme:


Genin Shinobi:
  Diane 'di' Tran:



Click here to download our media kit which includes banners, faq's and information on how you can earn more loot.