Glow in the Dark Light Up Hoodie - Hulk Green


Only from Notifuro is the custom designed Glow in the Dark Light Up hoodies. These were made out of the heart and soul of gamer's. The only hoodie you should be wearing while streaming on Twitch. Once you are done streaming, head on out to the nearest house party and watch as everyone asks you where you got that dope glowing hoodie. The Notifuro branded light up hoodies are made in Japan. They are 100% cotton with white shoelace draw strings and a black incognito zipper. This particular light-up zipper hoodie features a glowing hulk green 'EL' wire along the zipper and hood. Finally with the Notifuro hanko stamp in white on the lower right back of the hoodie.

  • Requires two double AA batteries to power the hoodie.
  • Has three light up functions (Constant Glow, Slow Flashing, Fast Flashing)

Hand wash only! Do not be lazy or forget your mother does your laundry, then hang dry. Not recommended for daily wear. The glow wires are fragile and if not careful will break. You can re-connect the wires if you know how to solder. DO NOT let the battery pack dangle from the hoodie, always keep it in the pouch.

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