Limited Edition Notifuro King of NYC Gold Shirt - Black


*Limited to 50 Shirts*

In the year 2089 the world was in danger of being extinct by two comets crashing into earth. A small comet which came in too fast, crashed into the statue of liberty. The larger comet was headed for Kyoto, Japan. Legend has it a westerner with blonde hair and a red karate gi, created fire from his right fist and jumped into the air. With all his might punched the comet with so much force it somehow imploded into a flash of light. The Japanese created a new statue for New York to replace the original. To honor the young man who saved the planet, the statue was created based on what people saw that day. To this day no one knows if he survived the blast or not.

New York has its grassroots within the fighting game community. Notifuro honors those gamers who started from the concrete jungle and has evolved into bigger things. Everyone in our mind is a King of NYC.