Notifuro ECT Seppuku Shirt - Black (Online Only)


**Only 2 Left**

Grab this online only, limited made East Coast Throwdown / Notifuro collaboration 'Seppuku' shirt. There will only be 100 of these tee's being distributed during the week of the event. East Coast Throwdown is one of the largest fighting game tournaments held yearly within the United States on the east coast. ECT has been held yearly for the past five years making 2014 its sixth straight event.

You will also catch Notifuro's honorary shoto fighter 'LI Joe' at the event not only as a competitor but also as a staff member, being one of the original founders of the event.

The wounded samurai is wearing a Notifuro fighting gi along with his Kill Bill style blood splattered everywhere, leaving only the letters 'ECT' outlined on the wall. The Japanese kanji translates to 'Live Honorable', Notifuro's main slogan.