Shinto Symbiote Shirt - Black


It appears Shinto ate some bad sushi and contracted parasites. Luckily for him the parasite was that of a symbiote. At first the symbiote could not take over Shinto's body and mind due to the clarity Shinto posses. The symbiote decided to stay dormant for a few years until the fight between Shinto and Itami. On his last breath, the symbiote exploded with fury taking control of Shinto's body during the battle to fight for him. After becoming victorious over Itami, the symbiote stayed with Shinto until he was fully healed and left his body one night while he was sleeping.

If you are ready to be partnered with a Shinto symbiote parasite, you better grab this tee before it is too late. We have not yet decided if this will be part of our limited edition run.

Note: Due to the high demand in Japan, your order might take a few more days to ship.

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